Our next free Wellington seminar focuses on one of the most important symptoms of New Zealand's slide towards becoming a low-wage economy and unequal society. David Choat on behalf of Policy Progress, and Sue Bradford of the Alternative Welfare Working Group will each give us a perspective of this major issue and there will an opportunity for subsequent discussion. Sue will examine what this Government is trying to do with the Welfare Working Group, background the current situation with child poverty, and look at some of the ways forward.David asks the question "Why didn't we fix child poverty when we had the chance?" He will explore options that not merely lift poor families above the administratively-designated ‘poverty line’ but materially improve their quality of life in an ongoing way and break the cycle of disadvantage.

Both speakers will outline what they consider to be the way forward and the best ways for us to act.

choatDavid Choat
Policy Progress

bradfordSue Bradford
Alternative Welfare Working Group

This is a burning moral and economic issue for our society, so please come and join the debate. The free seminar will be held 5.30-7.30pm, Monday 13th September, Connolly Hall, Guilford Terrace (off Hill St), Thorndon.

You can register on our web siteIf you know of others who may be interested, please take advantage of the 'Tell a Friend' feature on the registration page.