General information about the Fabians


  • The advancement of New Zealand Society through progressive education and debate.



  • We aim to change the intellectual climate by making progressive thinking commonplace.
  • We will be at the forefront of education and debate about progressive ideas and policy reforms.
  • Provide information to members to encourage progressive reforms and practice.

The Fabian Society is an independent membership-based policy forum that aims to provide a forum for education and debate on progressive policy priorities by providing quality events, publications and research.  Initially, we will focus on the fundamental requirement that New Zealand shapes a sustainable economic future for itself. Via a series of lectures and seminars, we will provide a forum for critiquing the prevailing economic orthodoxy and the advocacy of viable alternatives and reforms.

Although the Fabian Society is new to New Zealand
  • Fabian societies have been long active in the UK and Australia.
  • The NZ Fabians build on over a century of progressive debate.
  • The Fabian tradition is one of promoting free and open debate on progressive policies and ideas.
  • It is independent of any political party.


It matters to all New Zealanders because
  • For the sake of our country's future, we need new ideas and broader public debate
  • We believe in a positive responsibility to ask difficult questions - and if necessary to propose difficult answers


  • Is a progressive thinker.
  • Cares about and takes responsibility for improving society.
  • Encourages & participates in free & open debate.
  • Promotes & disseminates original & independent ideas.
  • Is inclusive.
  • Seeks to be a catalyst for positive change