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Our first seminar in the Resilient Economy Series identified a number of key factors hampering New Zealand's real economy. These included the need for a more stable currency, encouragement of more investment in our productive enterprises and the negative impact of the current implementation of monetary policy. We now look to some of the options for addressing these problems.

bovenDr Rick Boven
Director of the New Zealand Institute
pellettSelwyn Pellett
Productive Economy

This next event sees Selwyn Pellett of the Productive Economy Council, a forthright commentator from other Fabian seminars, discuss with Rick Boven from the New Zealand Institute exactly what we need to do to build a truly Resilient New Zealand Economy. The New Zealand Institute is an independent think-tank with its own project focussed on improving New Zealand's competitive strength.

These issues are important for our future, so please come and join the debate. This free seminar will be held 5.30-7.30pm, Tuesday 10th August, in Room 260-206, Owen G Glenn Building, University of Auckland Business School, 12 Grafton Rd. A Wellington seminar will be held on August 23rd.