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How NZ is being softened up for another round of privatisation - a Fabian Society seminar, with Dr Bill Rosenberg and Fraser Carson of FRESCO

The tom-toms are beating loud and clear for another onslaught of privatisation if National wins the next election. We’re hearing why it’s rational, common-sense, good for mums and dads, good for investors, good for the country, won’t be like last time, will be the saviour of our capital markets and so on and so on.

Treasury’s already producing advice to the government on how to ‘sell’ it to the public.

Crucial infrastructural assets were sold off and stripped last time.  This time the low fruit is in local government and state owned enterprises.

Don’t miss this Wellington seminar on how the messages will be framed to sell Privatisation Mark II.

This free seminar will be held at Connolly Hall, Guildford Terrace, off Hill Street 


5:30 to 7:30pm on Wednesday 6th October. You can register here.