ARD FairburnIn 1944 Rex Fairburn gave a lecture to the Fabian Society entitled 'THE LAND, OUR LIFE'. We have recently obtained a copy of this lecture and will return to the images and ideas Fairburn depicted then and their relevance to our narratives for today.

Denys Trussell and Christine Rose will set Fairburn's lecture in a modern context.

It is with deep appreciation for our literary heritage, the history of ideas and the stature of ARD Fairburn that we invite you to this event.


  • Date: Tuesday 6th May, 7.30pm
  • Venue: Lecture Theatre 3
  • Owen Glen Building
  • University of Auckland.

It will help our planning if you register here.

Parking available under the OGB building.

Updated with title correction, 'Our' -> 'The'