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Tonight, Tuesday 9 November. An account of last night's University of Auckland launch can be found here.


This is a general invitation to the Fabian list to attend the launch of

No Ordinary Deal: Unmasking the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement

edited by Jane Kelsey.

The launch will give you the opportunity to hear distinguished US speaker Lori Wallach, Director, Public Citizen Global Trade Watch, Washington, on ‘The US Politics of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Negotiations’.

Lori Wallach is a contributor to No Ordinary Deal, along with David Adamson, José Aylwin, Geoff Bertram, Paul Buchanan, Edward Challies, Tom Faunce, Susy Frankel, Jock Given, Bryan Gould, Jane Kelsey, Ted Murphy, Warwick Murray, John Quiggin, Patricia Ranald, Bill Rosenberg, Nan Seuffert, Ruth Townsend, Todd Tucker.

This event will commence at 5.30pm at the Auckland Trades Hall,147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn 1021

Lori will be speaking from about 6.00 pm.