Fabian Society Spark Sessions
Labour Party Conference 2012
Saturday 17th November Ellerslie Event Centre
Session 1 - 8:00am – 8:50am Session 2 - 12:50pm-13:35pm

So you want to change your world...

The presenters will give you a first-hand insight into the state of the real economy, manufacturing and jobs right now in New Zealand. They will discuss policy choices that will lead to a robust and resilient real economy, that might build our road into the future for everyone.

This session is a must see for anyone interested in a sovereign and sustainable
economy and how we might create a growing export sector, that will require well-paid jobs and provide a reason for our children and our grandchildren to stay in New Zealand.


John Walley, CEO New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association, manufacturer, exporter, importer, property owner, company director and shareholder.

Selwyn Pellett CEO Imarda, manufacturer, exporter, importer, shareholder, property owner, and company director.