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300x250pxOn Sunday March 3th, the journey continues and you are invited onboard.

Previously on our voyage, our our speakers used the analogy of New Zealand as the Titanic to share how they viewed the state of the New Zealand economy; headed towards disaster, but with the distinct advantage of time and knowledge to prepare for impact or avoid the economic and social icebergs altogether.

They shared their wisdom built up through years of collecting data, distilling information and acquiring knowledge with the audiences of hundreds at the Q Theatre in Auckland and Downstage in Wellington, suggesting changes that could take place to steer the course of the ship through the path of least resistance.

On the 3rd of March 2013 we are bringing the seminar to Christchurch. Our previous speakers, Rick Boven, Bernard Hickey, John Walley and Selwyn Pellett will be joined by Bronwyn Hayward, Senior Lecturer at University of Canterbury. They will evolve the message from one grounded in illustrating the extent of the damage to one grounded in presenting ideas and solutions for better, fairer and more opportune future for this country.

Join us at the Court Theatre on Sunday March the 3rd. Doors open at 1.00pm for a 1.30pm sharp start. The wonderful Michele A'Court is going to push the boat out and set us off on our voyage and media commentator David Slack will steer the ship. You are invited to join the speakers afterward for refreshments and discussion.

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