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The proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) has a very low profile for a treaty whose impact has such potentially profound implications. Its proponents advocate it as panacea for the NZ economy, unlocking overseas markets for agriculatural exports, while its opponents see it as sinister and anti-democratic breach of our sovereignty. A significant difficulty in assessing the merits of the the treaty has been the utter secrecy under which its negotiations have taken place.

This Wednesday the Fabian Society presents speakers arguing the pros and cons of the TPPA. For the treaty will be Wayne Mapp, member of the Law Commission and former MP for North Shore. Speaking against will be Jane Kelsey, Professor of Law and campaigner against the treaty.

Please join us on Wednesday, October 9th, 6pm

Venue - (260-092) Lecture Theatre 3, Owen Glenn Building, University of Auckland

It would help us plan if you registered your interest here.